Reclaim Your Life

Gregory offers one-on-one consulting with clients around a variety of topics.  Contact him today for a quote, and start living your life today!  


  • Work / Life Balance
  • Motivation
  • Achievement
  • Goals


  • Business Consultation
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Podcast Production Training


  • Managing Stress
  • Smooth, effortless progress
  • Positive Manifestation
  • Success

Success Stories

Gregory T. Obert was instrumental in the progression of my comic strip, Grown, from inception to actual development. He gave me the motivation necessary to actually take my work seriously and provided great insight into the processes involved in self-publishing and the creation of a brand. Without his consistently positive, goal-oriented attitude, my drawings would still be idling away in notebooks. Because of his consulting and inspiring words I was confident enough to create a website, generate a social media presence, and am now working towards publishing a collection of my strips for sale in local comic book shops. - J. Spencer Howland, Creator of Grown

Gregory T. Obert has many skills with which he has added value to various projects I have. Gregory has current knowledge of business and economic conditions nationally and globally. As a business consultant, he has helped structure various online course curriculums and has successfully helped me market my services. In addition, Gregory has consulted with me on how to create a podcast and publish it on iTunes. Gregory has excellent writing skills and has reviewed my work and edited it for publishing. Gregory also has skills using Camtasia to edit video and audio files. Gregory is skilled in various areas of business strategy, technology tools, social media, and other applicable software. I highly recommend Gregory T. Obert for anybody who is looking for a consultant in business and related areas of expertise. - Ahsan Karim, Creator of People, Stories, Success

DISCLAIMER:  Consultation is in NO WAY mental health counseling.  Consultation may address some personal subjects, but all mental health concerns should be addressed by a licensed mental health professional.  Though Gregory does have a counseling license in Illinois, he WILL NOT be providing any therapy during your Consultation time with him.  All action plans provided by Gregory are suggestions from an outsider, and all action taken by clients is their responsibility alone.