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"Today was a good day to do it.  Today was a good day to kill myself."

Sean is a young man with a seemingly bright future ahead of him. After deciding he is going to take his own life, Sean visits his favorite park bench to contemplate his demise. His thoughts are interrupted by an older, sarcastic man named John. Through prompting from John – and much resistance from Sean – the two begin a conversation of self-discovery that will change the course of both of their lives forever. The Man on the Bench is a story about strangers affecting positive change and surviving the aftermath of love and loss.

The Man on the Bench
By Gregory T. Obert

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Customer Reviews!

The author cleverly wove the story for both characters, culminating in an unexpected finish.  Readers will enjoy the building plot lines and will grasp onto them for the race to the end. - Ed Marohn, Windy City Reviews

I thank the author for creating this world of characters and giving me something to think about. Everyone has a story, and it isn't always pretty. We all go through tough times, and it is unfair to compare our hardships. We all need help getting through life, and at times it seems hopeless. But as John said, "I think your dawn is on its way. I hope you let it come." - Sarah, Goodreads Review

I've worked in the field of special education for many years, and I have rarely read a book that dealt with the realities of abuse occurring in the homes of many children and the addictive nature of their abusive parents. This book approaches its subject matter intelligently, but it is also full of wit and humor. Once I started reading The Man on the Bench, I could not put the book down! It is very shocking at times, yet extremely entertaining. I especially recommend this book to teachers, psychologists, counselors, or any related field. However, if you just enjoy an easy yet thoughtful read, you must BUY THE MAN ON THE BENCH! - Mister B., BA Productions Network

A wonderful first effort by author Gregory Obert - recommended for anyone who has experienced love and loss in their lives! - Mike O., Amazon Review

Insightful and entertaining read for Gregory's first book. I look forward to your future works! - Tommy O., Amazon Review

What an amazing read with lots of twists!!  Very enlightening and insightful! - Latona D., Amazon Review