Meditations by Gregory T. Obert

As a mental health counselor and life coach, Gregory has always sought out effective and empirical treatment modalities for his clients.  Sometimes though, healing can occur outside the traditional treatments prescribed by your health care professional.  One such supplement to traditional treatment is guided meditation.  Join Gregory every other week as he highlights community healers and their powerful meditations that will get you started on your path towards a more fulfilling life!  Available NOW on iTunes!  Click HERE to start your healing journey!

The GOBERT Report

It's time for your weekly dose of GOBERT!  Join Gregory every week as he shares with you his thoughts and opinions through the unique format of The GOBERT Report.  His two segment episodes will keep you up-to-date on what matters to him AND will also continue what was started back in Head Games by analyzing the intersection of mental health and video games.  Available NOW on iTunes!  Click HERE to join the discussion!

Head Games

Culture tends to influence the media that we consume.  Being a lover of both mental health and video games, Gregory partnered with Mike O'Mara to explore what happens when these two worlds collide.  Tune in to experience all that is new and interesting in the video game industry while also discovering how real life mental health concerns seep into the many games that make it to market.  Come join us for Head Games on iTunes and Hipcast!