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Welcome to everyone from Fire Nation!  Below are all the links discussed in the interview with JLD for my book The Man on the Bench.  Feel free to click through to KindleBooks-A-Million, Audible, or iTunes to purchase a copy!  Please also consider leaving a rating once you finish, as it helps a lot!  


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For those of you that are interested in podcasts, I host a guided meditations podcast AND a weekly talk show.  Click HERE for Meditations by Gregory T. Obert... 


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Next, if you have ever wanted to self-publish your own book, I present you all with a BRAND NEW class I just finished through my online educational site, Self Start Academy!  It's called "The Surprisingly Simple, No Nonsense Guide to Self-Publishing" hosted on Teachable.  In an hour, you will the ins and outs of putting your book up on Amazon Kindle and various other services, including copyright advice, ISBN information, and marketing tips.  As thanks to JLD and Fire Nation, be sure to enter promo code "fire" at checkout for a 50% discount!  This is a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to create a book for millions of people.  Click HERE to become an author!

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