I'm Bringin' Feedback

 This newest blog is being featured by The Greek Guru Guy!  He incorporates many therapeutic techniques into his writings, including mindfulness and meditation.  I find his work to be very inspirational and think he may motivate you all as well.  Therefore, I decided to give him a shoutout!  If you'd like to read the remainder of this blog, click here!

I stared at the paper before me, red marks covering its many pages.  The comments were long and accompanied by an excess of words being crossed out.  Grammatical errors were pervasive, though they weren't apparent at the time of the paper's writing.  I eventually reached the end of what seemed like an endless critique to find the biggest whammy of them all.  I got a final grade of a B-.    

I hear you laughing, but let me finish!  The shock took a few minutes to wear off.  "How could I get such a low grade?" I thought to myself.  After all, I had always been considered a good writer.  What happened this time?  I did the exact same thing I always did:  thought up a topic, wrote my paper, and turned it in.  Yet this time, I didn't receive the usual A that I was used to.  I felt out of my league and concerned about my college career.  This was the first major grade I received from a college professor, and while not terrible, it certainly wasn't what I desired.   

The remaining nine weeks of my College Writing course were interesting, to say the least.  I found myself working harder despite the fact that I initially felt it would be a blowoff class.  Through various writing exercises, I found myself rereading what I wrote (shocker!), finding a use for a thesaurus, and asking friends to proofread my papers.  While all of these are important, I found the latter to be the most useful and the largest signal of an internal shift.

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